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Covergirl Influenster Voxbox

I love getting new and FREE items in the mail! Influenster is a great way to do just that … just post some pictures on facebook, instagram, twitter and/or blog on their products and they could be yours 🙂 I just recently got a covergirl Bloom mascara in my vox box this go around … I’m facing a dilemma because I now have my own Mary Kay business – but why not still check out the competition?

Well – looks like Mary Kay will be alright after all 😉 This is an alright mascara for the price, but I doubt I would repurchase this if I was in the market for a mascara. In a pinch, I could make this work but not for my “go-to”.  Unfortunately, this seems to be the trend with a lot of covergirl mascaras … I haven’t been able to find one that works for me. I tended to stick to Maybelline/L’Oreal while I was still drug store shopping.  No more though – #wentpink


Influenster VoxBox Covergirl

Posted by: Jillian | May 26, 2014

Spring VoxBox

Yay! I love getting VoxBoxes from Influenster!  

In this box, I got a ton of goodies 🙂  First, there were the Kiss Everlasting French nails — I am trying them out now.  We’ll see if they last until Amanda’s wedding as the true test 😉  First full week of my new job + the wedding = ?!  I cannot wait to try this mascara from Rimmel London … I’ve seen it advertised around, but have never really been intrigued or impressed by RImmel, so we’ll see!  I did try the Nivea Skinfirming lotion, and it was actually very nice … not sure about the “Firming” quality though lol  Who doesn’t need tampons, though #yes!  I like the balanced kind … tmi, but whatever.  The air freshener … not so fresh… ugh. It smells like fake, plastic apples.  I’ll still give it a shot in the car, but I don’t have much hope … 

Thank you #influenster for the #springvoxbox … Can't wait to y

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Posted by: Jillian | March 25, 2014

Not what expected, but still good for a freebie :)

When I see the title “Sheer Juicy Coral” I think it should be just that … juicy. The name is misleading. This is more of a matte texture – something I wasn’t expecting. You for sure need a good gloss over it. I think the color is great, though. Totally worth it. It’s not overpowering and works well with my skin tone (fair). Very “every day chic”.

Posted by: Jillian | August 10, 2013

Kefir a keeper?

The verdict is out … even though this was a freebie from Influencster, I’m not sure it’ll get purchased. It was kind of expensive and is really thick … maybe that’s the point? I’m not sure what I was expecting, but the taste isn’t that great either. Free is not always worth it! 🙂

Posted by: Jillian | November 28, 2012

$10 off at

I used the HSN code 126362 to get a 3piece Korres Body butter for $9 shipped!  They’re normally $10 EACH so that’s awesome! 🙂  If you don’t want the body butters, you can get $10 off anything (I’d suggest Debrah Lippman polishes or Benefit, maybe!?) 😉Image*Facebook*OC*6891455

Posted by: Jillian | November 19, 2012

“Black Friday” shopping at CVS

I am not going to break this down piece by piece bc that would take forever, but here is a pic of everything I picked up at cvs today! Almost everything was free or cheap after ecb or b1g1free! I got everything for $72 and had a 16 ft receipt print out with $42 ecb attached! I just double checked and the lady charged me twice for 2 items so ill be getting back 4.50 in cash! Yay 🙂


Posted by: Jillian | November 17, 2012

Exploring RVA: Grouponing through Froyo

I feel like last year the craze was Cupcakes, and now we’ve decided to all jump on the Frozen “Froyo” Yogurt bandwagon.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a frequent commuter on that train.  Most of my exposure has been from Groupon or Living Social daily deals.  Actually, the only one I’ve heard about due to word of mouth is Sweet Frog, which surprisingly, didn’t leave a lasting impression…

1. Sweet Frog (Cary Town Location) The “original” froyo that everyone knows. Crowded, but decent selection and very easy on beginners. The flavors are pretty blan, though, and are missing that “wow” factor.  I think the large reason this is popular is because it’s kind of made itself into a chain.  Kind of like the Ben & Jerry’s of Froyo when in reality we all know that Carl’s is where it’s really at.

2. Yapple (Cary Street) – When we went it was dead. Nobody was there!  The light show above was pretty legit, and the selection was original. I tried Pumpkin Pie (yeah, I went out on a limb for the Holiday’s sake) and it tasked like a pumpkin pie. Weird.  They had a lot of the “fish egg” balls that I like popping so much, though!  BUT they were kid of expensive (we went during “Yapple Hour” so it was b1g1 50% off and got a normal portion for us, and it was still $9.50)

3. Yogurt Express (Across the Street from TJ Maxx on Broad St.) – Best customer service, by far!  That lady seemed to actually enjoy being there and talked to us.  There wasn’t a great selection and the toppings were minimal, but this place changed Zach’s mind about Frozen Yogurt from negative (he didn’t like Sweet Frog) to positive! 

4. Zinga! (Willow Lawn) – Lana liked it 🙂 It had by far the most unique take on Froyo – giving it a similar identity to Ice Cream (they had waffle cones – no joke!)  They had a lot of flavors, and they were true to name.  The building is kind of all-over-the-place though and if I didn’t know how to “do froyo” I would have been confused as hell.  Good thing the manager was there and we went at a not-busy time, so he could answer questions as needed.


Honestly, the worst one I’ve been to is Sweet Frog & the best one (so far) has been Yapple … which is RIGHT. NEXT. DOOR. Seriously? These people were either buying online from out of state or have some huge … “parts.”  I’ve already purchased another Yapple Groupon & will continue to keep an eye out 😉

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Buying “Experiences” instead of things

So I’ve started to take a different approach to gift-giving this season, especially with Zach. We’ve been together for about 5 years and you can only buy a person so many items.  This year, instead of buying him a big present, I decided to take him to a big event.  We went to the Ravens v. Cowboys game on Oct 14th! Woohoo! This was definitely a gift that had perks for myself, too.  I love the Ravens, so I was willing to oblige 😉
Another big milestone coming up is my 5 year aKDPhi anniversary.  Our Mommy wanted us to “think outside the box,” so we did.  I can’t go into too much detail, but we’re definitely using some of Richmond’s free destination sites and amenities to make this day pretty barf-worthy awesome! 🙂  I will post pictures later.
As for gift-giving experiences, I think Groupon or living social are great ways to go.  I was looking at vacation sites, etc, and you can get a 2-night stay on a water-front property about 3 hours away for $190.  It’s cold, yes, but I love walking down the beach with sweats and a jacket with my feet in the sand. That might make me weird, but I’m okay with that.  They also had a historic room rental in Shenandoah for $89.  I mean, how else would you find out about these hole-in-the-wall places? I love it.
I’ve also picked up a lot of groupons for restaurants around Richmond. One recently was for Weezies’s restaurant in Cary Town. I mentioned before giving experiences; giving your time and talking or catching up with someone is more important than a tube of lip gloss.   During this time of year it should be more about you stopping for a second and catching up before the world gets crazy again.  This is by far easier said than done, I know, but I’m trying to make a conscience effort!

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Influenster Freebies!! :)

I joined a website called influenster a couple if months ago off the advice of two YouTube gurus (eleventhgorgeous). I kind of wrote it off after joining it though. A few weeks later, I got an email to take a survey to see if I would qualify for a special promotion they were doing. I have no life, so I took the survey. A few weeks after that I found out I was selected to receive an oral care product. I got the box this morning and opened it thinking I would get some toothpaste or something… Man was I wrong!!?? This is what was in the box:


I was so excited 🙂 I’m not excited that its the 20 day kit though.. I would prefer the 7 or 14 day kit more, but since it was free, I won’t complain.

Influenster is currently an invite-only website, so let me know if you’d like an invite so you could get kickass offers like this, too 😉

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Hurricane haul

This is how you stock up for a hurricane! Shopping at cvs for all the necessities for under $5 😉 I started with $17 ecb so that helped!


Transaction 1:
Toilet paper 5.77 each – $1/2 mq
Bounty paper towels 5.77 each
Dawn .99 – .50mq
Candy corn 1.19 each – $1/2 mq
Herbal essence shampoo, conditioner and two stylets 2.99 each – b1g1free mq ( which actually took off 6.99 and 5.49! Nice)

Then I used the $17 in ecb. Total oop was $1.62 and I got back $10 in ecb for spending $30 on select products.

Transaction 2:
Revlon lip butter 7.99 -20% employee discount
Revlon just bitten 9.29 -20% employee discount
— used two $1 mq and $3 cvs q
Chips: free after $1 cvs q
Coke 2-liters .88 each
Used $10 ecb from transaction 1
Total oop $3.75

Got back $7 ecb for buying 2 revlon products 🙂

Bring it on Sandy!

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