Posted by: Jillian | January 1, 2012

Happy New Year :)

I got up really early, pumped as crap to get newspapers with four (F.O.U.R.) circulars each.  I get two of each paper they sell in RVA .. the Richmond Times-Dispatch, and the Washington Post (one of which is delivered to my door so I know if it’s worth it to buy another one).

Richmond Times-Dispatch & Washington Post x2

Also, I stopped into Rite Aid early this morning (before anybody else could snatch up my deals!) & picked up some good deals.

Paid $111.22

The vitamins were b1g1 50% off = $11.99 & $5.99 ; used two $5/1 MQ & a $4/1 Rite Aid Video Values Q 🙂 aka $3.98 out of pocket (oop).

Tampax was on sale for $3.99 – $1/1 MQ = $2.99 oop

Newspapers were $2 each.

Visa Vanilla Gift Card was $100 + $4.95 activation fee.

I paid $111.22 for all of this after using $6 in previous 2011 +up rewards.  I also got back a $20 +up for buying the gift card, $2 +up for the viamins & $1 +up for the tampons … and can submit the receipt for a $4 single check rebate (SCR) aka mail-in rebate for the vitamins 🙂 which means cash in my pocket next month. **also, I got $1 back from SavingsStar && when I get $5, I get a check sent to me**

Also, I don’t count anything I receive at the end of a transaction as savings for that transaction.  Stuff happens, people lose +up rewards, they expire, you forget to submit for a SCR, etc… if that happens, you aren’t saving, you’re spending.  In order to realistically track spending/saving, I count what I spend out of my own pocket.

The awesome thing about this month is if you spend $100 in specially marked items, you get $20 +up rewards.  I’m not going to buy items specifically for this deal, but it tracks throughout the month via your card.  The vitamins alone counted towards $18 of the $100 I need to spend, and obviously I didn’t spend $18!  The deal counts BEFORE coupons, so even though I only SPENT $3.98 oop, the computer things I’m silly and paid $18.

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