Posted by: Jillian | January 2, 2012

Happy New Year Part Deux

So … I have a problem.  First, I’ll admit that I made a mistake with this transaction … actually, two 😦  First, I thought I could use another of the $4/1 vitamin Rite Aid Q from their Adperks program because it printed out twice … apparently, I was wrong. ALSO, I thought you could get multiple $20 +up rewards for every $100 spent in January on items, but you can’t 😦 whack. Whatever, I still would have bought this stuff anyway, but it would be nice to get an additional $20 for buyin em.

Paid $2.43

Slim Fast 2/$10 – used two b1g1 Free Q’s from this week — $5 each. Zach likes them … no joke haha

Lysol No-Touch Hand System – FREE (I had a rain check from last week when they were on sale for $7.99 then get $3 +up back).  Because RA can’t print +up rewards like CVS can, they gave me the $4.99 price, and I had a $5 RA adperks Q from December, making it free 🙂  This would have been a better sale last week because I also had a 75 cent off MQ that I could have used both with, but ohwell … I won’t cry over free soap. Ballin.

Oral B toothbrushes are $5.99 this week. Used a $3/1 Q, so I paid $2.99, but I’m getting it back with the SCR (single check rebate) program this month.

Clear eyes 1 oz Redness Relief – this is more of an impulse buy because of a recommendation from Mally Roncal on facebook (yes, I follow the ppl’s whose makeup I buy off QVC – judge away), but it ended up being a good deal, too!  ALLLLLL of the Clear Eyes products are on sale (the 0.5 oz & the 1 oz) for the same price this week — $3.99.  I had a $0.55/1 Q that I used, and paid $3.44 oop.

You can see the previous post on the pronutrients vitamin deal – this one I can’t submit for the SCR and didn’t use the $4/1 RA Q, but it’s still a good deal BECAUSE …

drum roll pleaseeeee – I used my $20 +up rewards from  this morning, along with all my other +up rewards from the morning and previous transactions ($24 total).

So I paid $2.43 oop and have $1 +up from the clear eyes, and $2 +up from the vitamins and can submit for a $2.99 SCR 🙂 ❤ RA this week.

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