Posted by: Jillian | January 3, 2012

After work quickie & impulse Wags = damage

So we were slow at work today, and I took advantage to do some shoppanggg.  Also, Fall extra bucks printed ($4 ecb for moi) & I had $5 from last year’s Beauty Club.

Paid 2 pennies 🙂

These are on sale for 3/$10 – I had $1/1 Q & then used the $9 EBC = 2 cents. I got $4 ecb back to use on …

Paid $1.80

The Breathe Right were on sale for $9.99 – used $3/1 CVS Q & $1.50 MQ = 5.49 oop

Axe was regular price – I only got this because I had a $2/1 CVS Q expiring today & a $2/1 MQ expiring on the 7th.  Then, add my 20% discount, this was 63 cents oop.

Usin the $4 ecb from the previous transaction, I paid $1.80 at CVS today! 🙂

Then, I decided I would pop into walgreens (aka wags) to get some of the EOS lip balm that’s $2.99 with $2 Register Rewards (RR) — and found clearance & other good deals.

IDK if you know this – but windex to the father in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” is Mucinex to me.  I use it for everything & always give it away to people (i.e. little!)

Paid $18 oop

These were $10 each, I used two $1/1 MQ & paid $18 oop. I then got $6 RR for spending $20 in specialty marked items.  ALSOOOOO a coupon for a FREEEEEE 10-12 COUNT BREATHE RIGHT PRINTED! BALLIN — THAT’S LATER

Paid $3.14

These tylenol cold are on sale 2/$10 – used two $2/1 blinkies (right beside the item on the shelf) = $6 oop

EOS (what I ORIGINALLY came in Wags for!) is on sale for $2.99 this week (love em love em love em … pink is the only flavor they had that I didn’t already own lol)

Using the $2/1 coupons, and the $6 RR I got from the first transaction, I ended up paying $3.14 — this ALSO PRINTED OUT A FREE BREATHERIGHT COUPON!!  Along with $5 RR (for the tylenol) & $2 for the EOS.

Paid $1.95

This is where one of the best deals comes in!  The Loreal foundation is on clearance for $3.79 – I had a $3/1 face product MQ & a $2/1 Wags Q (in their Jan booklet) = thanks for paying me to take this wags 🙂

The Cheez-its & cookies were 2/$5 – $2/2 Wags Q (also in their booklet) = $3 oop

Mike & Ikes were 69 cents = enoughsaidtonsofclearanceleft

Ecotools brush was $1.09 on clearance 🙂

After using the $2RR from the EOS lipbalm, I paid just $1.98 for all this.

&& finally, I decided that since I HATE Walgreens & will not return unless there’s a really good deal to get me in there, I went back around to find something to spend my $5RR on & see if there were any breathe right strips in stock.

Paid $1.80

Charmin 6 packs are on sale for $2.99 this week & I had two 25 cents/1 MQ from P&G insert this Sunday.  = $2.74 each.

Breathe right = FREE after the coupon that printed out from my Mucinex transaction = $6.29 savings!

Mike & Ikes = 69 cents.

This is where I explain why I hate Walgreens so much — the only reason I had to pick this mike & ikes up was because of wags coupon policy. You are not allowed to use more coupons than items you have in the transaction. I wanted to use four Q’s (free BR, two 25 cents/1 Q & $5 RR) so I had to have four items in my transaction or I wouldn’t be able to use one.  Sucks, I know :/

So after the Q’s & the $5 RR I paid $1.80 for all this 🙂

&& I left the store with a free breathe right strips Q for later … good thing it doesn’t expire until February bc IDK if I’ll be in there any time soon.

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