Posted by: Jillian | January 6, 2012

I don’t know when to say enough is enough

So .. this may look like Deja Vu – but this blog is about all the stuff I find & my good deals .. pretty much all about me … so, sorry 🙂

Paid $2.64

Again — FREE + money making foundation (that I can only find at the one on Broad & Libbie — everywhere else is completely wiped out). Priced at $3.79 – $3/1 Loreal Paris Face Product from 1/1 coupon insert + $2/1 Loreal face product Wags Q = $1.21 Money Maker (MM)!

Used the overage towards my EOS Lipbalm (on sale) for $2.99  && Christmas wrapping paper on clearance for $0.50 🙂  I can’t pass up happy pengies.

So I paid $2.64 for all this & then got the $2 RR from the lip balm.  I need to start looking at next week’s ad to make sure I can use these RR or go back for more toilet paper & foundation 🙂 hehe

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