Posted by: Jillian | January 12, 2012

Small trip … small prices

I stopped into Target tonight after work (even though it was disgusting outside) because I needed to get some Scrubbin Bubbles.  I also checked to see if they had some travel things in stock, that would be free with coupons 🙂

Paid $2.97

The bad part about Target is they don’t give overage … aka even though I had $1/1 coupons for the Aquafresh ($0.97 each) & $1/1 Q for the Reach Floss ($0.99 each) … they won’t give me the extra pennies to use on other items.

The woman at Target took the coupons, one type at a time, and then asked me for my Scrubbin Bubbles coupon haha I told her I didn’t have one for it, and she looked astonished.  She then went on to tell me about a recycle bank website … wth has my life become?!  People at Rite Aid and now Target recognize me.

Eh, whatevs.  I went to CVS (not my own … we were all sold out of the Rembrandt toothpaste, whack)

Paid $1.20

Rembrandt is on sale for $3.99 – used two $2/1 Q I printed from

Biotene is $1.57 (I thought it was $1.49) regular price.  My discount saved me $0.62 & then I used a $2.50/2 Q in Sunday’s paper (I think??) = 1 penny each! 🙂

Twix was on sale for $0.75 & I got $0.75 Extracare Bucks (ecb) back

I paid with $4 ECB (from this week’s Axe deal I did earlier this week) and paid $1.20 oop, and got $0.75 ecb back to spend next time.  I also got closer to the $10 gift card when you spend $30 … now I only have to “spend” $7 more to get the $10 gc.  Any ideas?!

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