Posted by: Jillian | January 17, 2012

CVS & Rite Aid Trips

Not Shown: Four 12-pack Coke cans oop: $6.86

I started out with $10 ECB from yesterday’s trip ($3 from Almay, $3 from Hallmark cards & $4 from AXE products)

12-pack cokes on sale 4/$10 & part of the spend $30 get $10 gc

Softsoap was on sale for $0.99 each (this size not shown as on sale in-ad!) & $1/2 Q = $0.98 for both

Using the $10 in ecb, I paid $1.33 oop 🙂

At Rite Aid, I started out with $3 +up rewards.

Wheat Thins are on sale for $1.88 each (accidentally pulled out my $2/3 Q instead of the $1/2 Q, or didn’t write the correct amt. to pick up, so I missed out on saving — oopsies 😦 )  Still, $1.88 is a good price for these.

Tom’s products are on sale for $3.99

Breathe Right was on sale for $3.99 – $2/1 Video Values Rite Aid Q – $1.50/1 MQ = $0.49 for them 🙂 these come in handy this time of year, especially.

After my $3 in +up, I paid $5.53 oop and got back $3 +up rewards from the Tom’s toothpaste.

Still deciding if I’m going to hit walgreens this week or just wait until next week … I have $5 in RR I need to spend before the 23rd, but there’s nothing I need or want from there (not like I need toothpaste either).


  1. lol biggie use the $5 RR and pick me up some foundation!
    i’ll pay you back :]

    • lol little! What brand do you use & in what shade? It’s easier finding my shade bc it’s always the first one hahaha

  2. lol its the maybelline dream smooth mousse in 240 natural beige :]


    • Okay — I’ll see where it’s cheapest (or free) this or next week 🙂 I work Saturday so I can get the next week’s deals on Saturday after 4pm, too.

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