Posted by: Jillian | January 17, 2012

New week – new freebies @ CVS

This is kind of a boring transaction from last week, which is why I’m adding it in this week’s post.  These items were b1g1 50% off last week, and part of the spend $30, get $10 gift card deal, and this is how I got the $10 GC I used on this week’s purchases.

Paid $4.84

Regular price $5.49, b1g1 50% off price was $2.74.  They had $1 off Q’s on each one. I also had $1.75 in ECB that i used to make these $4.84 for both.

After this, I got a $10 gift card to use on my other purchases.

Paid $7.47 oop

The only reason this out of pocket (oop) is so high was because I had to pick up some Sudafed 12 hr (CVS brand) and it was b1g1 50% off (would have usually been able to pick one up for 30% off — but I only get the sale price if an item’s on sale, even if I only buy one item — whack).

CVS 12 hr sudafed b1g1 50% off = $5.49 + $2.74

AXE Deodorant was $2.64 each on clearance (it’s not marked – thanks Hip2Save for telling me about this – told you it’s worth checking out!) and using $1/1 Q for each item = $4.92 total

Almay was $5.99 – $2 MQ – $3 CVS Q = $0.99 oop

Hallmark cards were $0.99 each – 20% = $2.38 for all 3

Biotene = $1.57 each – 20% = $2.51 – $2.50/2 Q = $0.01 for both 🙂

The grand total was $17.47.  I used my $10 GC from last week and paid $7.47 oop.  I got back $3 ECB from purchasing 3 Hallmark Cards, $4 ecb for buying the AXE Deodorant (even though it was on clearance!!), and $3 ECB from the Almay (even thought I only paid $0.99 oop for the item).

I already know what I’m using the $10 ECB on — 4 pack of 12 can Cokes 🙂 That’ll count towards this week’s spend $30, get $10 gc deal & keep me from spending money on drinks this week 😉


  1. Is that the make up you gave me?!

  2. No — I haven’t seen you this week, durrrr. I’m going to try this because the bronze is supposed to be good for blue eyes, but if I don’t like it, you have have it. P.S. Use your $3/1 CVS Q that printed out on Saturday to get yours free, too!!!! (I think yours was Almay — or Revlon?)

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