Posted by: Jillian | January 24, 2012

Slow week :/

So this week is pretty slow && I’m pretty broke so I’m not going for much that would cost me a lot of oop $$

I’ve been to Walgreens this week, but not much is fun & pretty to look at, so I’m going to do a written list.

I started with $6 RR from 2 weeks ago (skipped Wags last week)

12 pack pepsi products x 4 for $13 – $3 wags in-store coupon = $10 oop

Flurry protein bar $1.99 oop

Total was $11.99 + tax … using my $6 RR, I paid $6.46 total && got a $2 RR back from the protein bar.  It’s M&M flavor, so hopefully it doesn’t taste like tree bark like most do.

This is my Rite Aid trip from this week:

Paid $2.60 oop

Not going to lie — I’ve been waiting for this deal for a while now —

The Up2U & Mentos gum is on sale for $1 this week & I have $1/1 MQ for the up2u gum & $0.55/1 Q for the mentos.  OOP = $1.80 (every time you buy 3 of these items, you get $1 +up rewar)

Skittles are $0.79 this week – $0.50/1 Rite Aid Video Q = $0.29

Yardley soap = $0.99 each (usually $2.99)

Finish dish washer detergent is b1g1 Free = $3.99 for 2 – two $1/1 MQ & $1/1 RA Video Values Q = $0.99 oop

I started with $3 +up from last week’s deals, so I paid $2.60 oop for all of this, and left with three $1 +up rewards from the Mentos/Up2U gum 🙂 vaynice

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