Posted by: Jillian | January 31, 2012

First month comes to a close!

So this week is a stock-up-on-soda week && that’s just what I did at Rite Aid & CVS.  I have 12 12-packs of Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Mt. Dew & Coke right now — needless to say, I don’t need to budget for drinks for the next four months.

I went to Rite Aid on Sunday because I needed to make sure I would get enough of everything I needed (9x 12-packs of Pepsi/Mt. Dew & 3x Omega-3 Vitamins)

Paid $13ish oop

This week, these are on sale for $9.99 but when you buy $25 worth of them (aka 3 bottles) you get $10 in +up rewards back.  I also had 3 $5/1 MQ’s and 3 $1 +up rewards that I used to bring down the oop to $13ish.  I don’t know the exact oop expense because I sent this off to get a $10 Mail-In Rebate from Pfizer wyb 3 Pfizer items 🙂  Can’t wait for that check in the mail.

I used my $10 +up rewards to get 3 pepsi 12 packs & 3 Mt. Dew 12 packs on sale for $3.33 each.  I used two $1/2 Q’s I found on Walgreens packs & the $10 +up. My oop was $8.48.  I got back two $2 +up rewards for buying 3 12 packs, and a $5 +up for spending $15 on select items (these are double dippers this week!).

On the third & final transaction at Rite Aid,  I bought 3 Pepsi 12 packs on sale for $3.33 each. I used the $5 +up, && two $2 +ups from the previous transactions. I spent $1.24 oop & got another $5 +up rewards for spending another $15 on select merchandise.

So I spent a little less than $24, walked out with $5 in +up rewards, and am expecting a $10 CHECK in the mail. Not bad for a half-hours work.

Phew, that was complicated.  CVS this week has a ton of freebies this week/month!

Paid less than $9 oop

Most of these items are really good Money Makers for me this week && money makers for you this week!

I can’t find the receipt, so you’ll have to bare with my memory (oh, dear).

Tom’s mouth wash was on clearance for $2.87

Cadburry Caramel Eggs = $0.87 each x 4 = $3.48 – b3g1 Free CVS Q (took off $0.99) = $2.49

Skintimate is $3.79 – 20% employee discount = $3.03 – $0.55 MQ = $2.48

Hallmark Cards are $0.99 each x 3 = $2.97 – 20% employee discount = $2.38

Dr Pepper 12 packs 3/$10

I paid with $7 ecb from last week, $5 ecb from my beauty club rewards, and $1 ecb from the sour patch deal last week.  Making all this about $9 oop

I got back $3 ecb from the Tom’s Mouthwash, $4 ecb from the Skintimate shaving cream, $4 ecb from the Dr. Peppers, $0.87 ecb from the caramel eggs and $3 ecb from the Hallmark cards! AKA about $15 in ecb!

Paid $0.89 oop

This was the same deal as above.  Bough three, used the $0.55/1 MQ.  Then I used a $3 ecb & $4 ecb from the previous transaction.  My oop was $0.89 and I got back $12 ecb.  The limit on this is 100 … so if you need shaving cream, stock up playa!  If you want these, even, let me know!! 🙂

Here’s to January!  P.S. I’m starting a new thing where I buy gift cards to each drug store for each month (actually 4 weeks since I’m going to do it whenever the P&G coupons come out at the beginning of each month). $25 to Wags & RA, $50 to CVS.  It’ll keep me in budget & prevent me from spending too much money oop.  My Rite Aid budget is pretty much shot this month, having only the $5 +up and $1 I have left on the GC left to work with, so I won’t be going there much now.  Feb. is my guinea pig month, so I’ll see if it works!

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