Posted by: Jillian | February 5, 2012

Bonjour Fevrier

And so February begins — not at all very exciting for me and other Richmonders as far as Rite Aid is concerned.  They’ve made it so that everything is loaded to your card now, so instead of printing out your +up rewards, it’s going to be loaded to your card and able for you to use at 6am THE NEXT DAY!  I had $5 +up I needed to use before today, so I went and then rolled over $8 +up rewards, but IDK where to go to see that they’re actually on the card, or what … this is so frustrating.  Why did they have to pick Richmond to try this :((((

Anyway, this is what I got this afternoon at Rite Aid:

Paid $8.77 oop

Revlon is b1g1 50% off =Foundation$13.99 + Lip butter $3.75, then large nail clipper $2.19, small $0.72

Used $3/1 Foundation RA Q, $2/1 Foundation MQ, $2/1 Lip Butter RA Q, $1/1 Lip butter MQ, and two $1/1 Revlon tool MQ’s, and $5 +up rewards from last week!

Total is $8.77 oop ; getting back a $2 Single Check Rebate for buying Revlon Foundation this month, and SHOULD (key word) have two $4 +up rewards being loaded to my Wellness+ card by 6a.m. tomorrow! If not, I’m calling corporate and bitching … hard.

I’ve been wanting to try this foundation & was going to get it at CVS this week, but with the SCR & multiple +up rewards (CVS allows only 1 a card), I decided to get it at RA instead.

Walgreens was a little more simple this week — I decided to forgo the Colgate deal I was originally planning since I don’t have the money to pay for the items oop (even though it would have been a MM after all was said & done). I found some good clearance deals to use my $2 RR on that expired toda.

Paid $5.94 oop

Concealer & foundation brush (75% off) = $2.62

Powder brush (75% off) = $1.37

Pan reliever 3 packs (75% off) = $1.25 each!

Used a $2 RR & paid $5.94 oop, which is about the price of one of the pain reliever packs.  They don’t expire until Mar 2012 or later, so they’re not a “need to sell because eventually we’ll lose money” situation. Nice!

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