Posted by: Jillian | February 13, 2012

I need to hold off the rest of the week…

Ugh, so I kind of need to hold off on the deals until next week… went a tad overboard at CVS & Walgreens … especially Walgreens.

This is what I picked up at CVS

Paid $6.64 oop

One touch = free after Q (see earlier scenario)

Sensodyne (for my mom) = b1g1 50% off = $8.68 x 2 = $17.36 going towards the $10 gc for spending $30 worth of select items.  I used two $2.50/2 Q’s and ended up “paying” $12.36 for all four

Mayelline Fondation (for little) = $14.23 going towards (and meeting) the $30 requirement.  I used two $2/1 Q’s and “paid” $10.23 for both.

Valentine’s day cakes = $1.79 – 20% = $1.43 (which is cheaper than getting them on sale at Kroger … which, btw, is sold out)

I used a $7 ECB from a couple weeks ago’s Physicians Formula deal, along with a $12 ECB from the Schick deal && paid $6.64 oop.  I then got a $10 GC for next week.  I forgot I had a GC I could have used for the oop expense, but whatevs.  It’s CVS … I’ll be there the next 5 days :\

I then ventured across the street to Walgreens & found an unexpected deal on something I was passively searching for a deal on: Olay Cleansing System (the Clarisonic I wanted is about $119, so this is a good substitution).

Paid $26.49

This is $29.99, I used a $5/1 Q I was mailed = $26.49 oop.  I then got a $10 RR that was supposed to print out … however, it didn’t.  I told the cashier, she got the manager to give me a $10 gift card instead of the RR, which works for me since I was going to have to get a filler item in order to use the RR for this next transaction 🙂

Paid $0.88 oop

Softsoap is on sale 4/$12 = used two $1/1 shower gels Q’s, and two $1.50/1 bar soap Q’s.

Sarna is on sale for $7.99 – $5/1 Q = $2.99 oop

Got2be hair products on sale b1g1 Free = $5.99 for both – two $3/1 Q’s = FREE 🙂

And now that I look, if I had gotten the RR I would have needed the filler item anyway since my subtotal was $9.98 lol yay!  I also got $4 RR back from the Softsoap items for next week!!

P.s. I am also going to send this off for a $5 check for purchasing $10 worth of “Colgate” items (Softsoap is their brand, too) in ONE transaction (this part got me at first since I had been trying to get together $10 worth of items in multiple transactions).

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