Posted by: Jillian | February 23, 2012

Nearly a skip week

This week was nearly a skip week on couponing due to lack of motivating deals & lack of an internet connection on Sunday/Monday morning.

Paid $3.90 oop using a free gift card I got for RX purchase 🙂

I had a $3/15 that was burning in my wallet from visiting CVS on Facebook and sharing my “story” about how a pharmacist helped me (I used one from when I was a noob & zachie was sick).  As an employee who coupons, these $/$$ coupons haven’t come my way in about three years.

I got four Nivea lip products for $2.50 each = $10

Bought the pain relief cream for $7.50

Total was $17.49.

Used the $3/15 CVS Q, used two $3/2 MQ’s (that expire on the 25th)

Total = $3.90 oop from a gift card I got for buying a new RX at CVS (was actually a Target Q they accepted – yay amoxicillin before dental appts!)

Got back $3 ECB from buying $10 in Nivea products, got back $2 ECB from buying pain relief cream. Not too bad.

I also stopped into Target because I haven’t been there in … say, forever and there are some new clothing Target coupons you can print online.

Paid $40.87 oop after 5% Target Debit discount 🙂

Playtex tampons on sale for $6.99 each.  Used a $2.50/2 MQ = $11.48 oop. Get a $5 target gift card when you buy two for next time!

Cheez-It are $2.89 each, used a $1/2 TQ & $1/2 MQ (you can stack Target coupons && Manufacture coupons at target!) paid $1.89 each

***NOT PICTURED*** Four Activia 4-packs on sale for $2 each. Used two $2/2 Target Q’s, used four $1/1 MQ = $0 oop! freeeeeeeeee

Purple dress = clearance for $11.88 – 20% TQ on Merona item = $9.50

Short sleeve shirts (top – bottom) clearance $4, clearance $4, sale $7 – $3/1 TQ = $4 oop!  I love target t-shirts … they’re my Friday/Summer work clothes since Friday is truck day and Mama gets hot & sweaty.

Maybelline primer = $6.94 – $1/1 MQ – $2/1 TQ (again with the stacking!) = $3.94 oop

I paid $40.87 for everything, even after my 5% Target Debit card savings (already saved $3 this year in store LOL)

The receipt says I said $31.43 this trip, but I’m not sure if it takes into account regularly priced clearance items or not?   Eh, that’s about 40-ish percent.

**P.S. I would have probably done a lot of the feminine hygiene/make up deals I did at Target this week at Rite Aid if RA wasn’t so freaking stupid with it’s new program. I don’t trust the computer programming, as it’s already caused me a big pain in the ass having to make them mail me +up rewards from Feb 5th. Therefore, the boycott continues on RA**

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