Posted by: Jillian | March 12, 2012

My 93% savings trips to CVS :)

Ahhhhh! See, I told you this week was going to be awesome!  I need to slow down, but I could NOT pass up on this deal.  I plan to donate these all the kids from the Christmas trees at my mom’s schools.  I mean, what kid DOESN’T want an mp3 player?!

Paid $20.98 oop & got a $10 gc back for "next week" 😉

Transaction #1

MP3 Player Regular $79.99 – clearance for $9.99 x2 = $19.98 oop

Used $10 gc from last trip = $10.98 oop.  HOWEVER, I got back TWO!!! $10 gift cards.  I’m not sure why CVS picked this week to put everything on clearance and have this deal, too, but hey … I win 🙂

Transaction #2

Pronutrient Vitamins x4 b1g1 50% off = $19.18 per set x2 sets = $38.36 for all 4. Used four $5/1 MQ = $18.36 oop

CVS Facial brushes (I thought these were part of the spend $15 get $5 back deal) but they weren’t 😦  Either way, they were a good deal I suppose and I needed ’em. $6.99 – 30% discount = $4.89 per set of 2

Subtotal was $29.50 – $20 from gift cards = $9.50 oop

Transaction #3

Another mp3 player (using another phone # since limit is 2 per card) = $10.49. Used a $10 gc & paid $0.49 oop & got back another $10 gc.  The good thing about the gift cards is that, unlike ecb, they aren’t connected to a CVS card.

But forreal … how many gift cards can a person get a week? eek!

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