Posted by: Jillian | March 17, 2012

Run to CVS because baby, spring is here

Okay, you literally need to run to CVS right now because I know your legs are dingy, hairy & pale.  I can fix one of those problems right now.

OOP = cheap as hell

The daisy razors are on clearance for $2.62 & there is a $2/1 MQ in the 3/4 P&G insert!  They say for Venus & that includes the daisy. Snaps to Molly for telling me about this. I went right to the shelf & I did a bad thing … I cleared it.  There were 4 on the shelf, and I picture only 2. That is because I am such a sweet angel and gave two of my razors & coupon sets to co-workers.  They always give me a hard time because I am the CVS #1538 Q-Queen, but when you get $0.62 razors …everybody starts praising 🙂

The gain is on clearance for $4.20 (50% off), then I had a $1/1 MQ from a mailer I got a couple weeks ago, so $3.20 for the bottle. Not bad for about 62% savings 😀

I also want to share a story of my awesomeness with you.  This week, the Zyrtec is on sale $5.99, get $5.99 ecb back.  Well, this lady wanted me to help her find a good deal on allergy meds because they were so expensive, so, being a member of the #1 store in the REGION, by golly, I did. I was telling her how we would separate the transactions, and how she would pay the $5.99 first, then we’d ring up the other CVS brand zyrtec after and use the $5.99 ecb to pay for it … the lady looked at me like I was yelling at her in yiddish.  I felt like I should have taken pictures of her transactions and posted them on my blog sine I basically did everything for her except pay for it.  However, at the end of the fiasco, she seemed to have caught on. I think I made a convert. But probably not.

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