Posted by: Jillian | March 18, 2012

Price Match WIN & employee discount pwnage

First I went to Rite Aid — I thought I had made it so that the +up rewards would print out & not load to my card. I guess that’s what I get for trusting a “new employee” to have done it for me. Eh, just one more thing I need to remember to do!  Anyway, I got a better deal at Target later on the same item (but more on that later).

Richmond Times Dispatch Newspaper, too (not pictured). Total oop = 3.23

These were on sale for $2.99 each, used two $1/1 MQ = $1.99 each oop

RTD = $2

Total was $5.98, used a $3+up reward (mailed to me from a mistake in February) = $3.23 oop!  Then, two $2 +up rewards were loaded to my card.  I was kind of upset because I wanted to use the +up on the 2nd transaction I had planned, but then the manager told me that even if the +up print out, you can’t use them until the next morning.  I still want to get it fixed, because I like having control of which rewards I use on certain transactions.  I was going to come back & do another transaction tomorrow using the +up rewards, but I found a better deal at Target after they price matched.  This is what that looked like:

oop = $10.63

This was kind of annoying. If I was going to do this again, I would have separated this transaction into three different ones, because the $5/2 Target Q does not take $5 off the closest to $5 total (i.e. One eye last curler & one nail file = $4.62 = FREE!) Instead, it groups two like things together, and takes $5 off of those two. Hence, my eye lash curlers are $2.99 each = $5.98 – $5/2 Target Q = $.98 oop.  BS.

Merona Shirt – Regular $10, Sale $7, used $3/1 Merona Target Q = $4

All 6 revlon tools (should have been free but I messed up and did them all in one transaction) = $.66 oop for all 6 (still not bad, but not free – oh well … you will make mistakes and learn from them!)

Lysol No touch Kitchen System = Price Matched for Rite Aid’s $6.88 sale price – $3/1 MQ – $3/1 Target Q = $.88 each for the bonus size! 😀 (I even mentioned that I needed to stock up on dish soap hehe and I can do this 2 more times if I can find them! They’re always sold out!)

Revlon Eye Shadows … so confusing. They started getting picky and said I could only use one TQ per transaction … Never ran into that before.  They didn’t void the single eye shadows off the first transaction, yadda yadda, I ended up getting a refund for two full priced items (sweet!) and paying about $3.98 for all three items?  Again, I said it was confusing.

The awesome thing about Target was that I was able to save the lady in front of me $10!  She was getting some baby shower items, and some clothes & toilet paper. I had a $.50/1 Charmin Q I gave her (I have $1/1 Q’s for the same thing) & giving her two 20% off dress Target coupons that had a 3/24 expiration date (I just printed the new ones w the April expiration date).  She was so grateful and thanked me a million times.  That’s the kind of person I like to pay it forward to, because I’m sure she’ll tell the story about the young girl behind her at target who helped her out 😉 Yay coupon Karma! ❤

Finally (almost done!) I went into CVS.

Total oop = $11.21

This week is awesome for me because I can stack my employee discounts with ecb deals and make everything free or practically free after the stack.

I started with a $2.02 balance on my gift card from last week.

Transaction #1

Carefree Liners $1.00 – $1/1 MQ = FREE

Tomato sauce = $.42 on clearance (needed this anyway for enchiladas & saved me a trip to kroger … well, not really)

Biore Strips = $7.99 – 20% discount = $6.39 ; Biore Cleanser = $7.99 – 20% discount = $6.39 ; Used a b1g1 Free Q that took off the $7.99 price (since CVS supplies the discount, it’s like stacking a CVS Q & MQ = legit!) = $4.79 oop

Playtex Sport 36 ct = $8.89 – 20% discount = $7.11 oop ; Playtex 18 ct = 5.29 – 20% discount = $4.23 ; Used a b1g1 Free Q that took off $5.29 (again, legit!) = $6.05 oop for both

Total for everything was $12.58, used my $2.02 GC = $10.56 oop for everything!  This would be an amazing price since the tampons were $8.89 regular price … but I got a $3 ecb from buying 36ct tampons, and a $5 ecb from buying two Biore items!

Transaction #2

Schick Hydro Razor = $9.19 – $4/1 MQ = $5.19 oo

Used the $5 ecb from previous transaction = $.65 oop (tax was more than 2x my total! haha) && got back a $4 ecb for next time!

So I left the store with a $3 ecb & $4 ecb coupon for next week … or later this week 😉 you never know what’s gonna pop up.

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