Posted by: Jillian | March 24, 2012

Surprise Clearance at Target

Paid $16.46 oop

Socks x2 = $3.50 on clearance (30% off) — SO SOFT!!

Starburst Jelly Beans = $2 each – $1/2 MQ – $1/2 TQ = $1 each oop

Minute Maid = Sale $2.69 – $1/1 MQ = $1.69 oop

Bayer Asprin = $2.44 – $1.50 MQ (knew this would come in handy … which is why I picked up four from the pile when I saw them) = $.94 each 😉

Crest = $2.08 clearance – $1/1 MQ = $1.08 each with free samples & $16+ in coupons! Yay!

Total with 5% Target Debit Card Discount = $16.46 — I will then submit this for a $4.50 MIR for buying 3 Bayer Products (Found these peelies at Kroger & picked up four so if you want one, let me know!!  I will give you one of mine & pick some more up later!)  Not too bad .. now I’m going to go see what coupons are attached to the crest!


  1. The problem is that since they don’t actually stock their own products it often takes longer for you to receive your order, or they might be out of stock. Crush particles in the equipment or perhaps the regular way – inside of a big, hefty-work resealable tote. Just think potato chips, pretzels, popcorn, those graham crackers, all different sorts of crackers, a cinnamon bun, a bagel, English muffins.

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