Posted by: Jillian | March 25, 2012

A lot of troubles … but totally worth it

So this weekend can be summed up in one word: WTF.

I started today at CVS.  I had a return to make because the CVS brand of the GUM Softpicks is NOTTT the same (ouch!) I returned all the unused packages I had purchased.   They couldn’t figure out how to get the register to give me money cards, cash, whatever, because I had used to many forms of payment on the transaction (ie gift cards, money cards & cash) LOL oops.  That took me about 10 minutes give or take.

Oop = $19.50 (Not pictured four pepsi 12 packs & 1 Richmond Times Dispatch)

4 Pepsi 12 packs = $14 – $1/2 MQ = $13 oop

Bertoli Pasta = 3/$5 = $1.67 each – $1.50/2 = $1.84 oop

Snickers Eggs = 2/$1 – $1/2 MQ = FREE!

Jelly Beans = $.99

Colgate Toothbrushes = $2.99 – $1/1 MQ = $1.99 oop each

Tampons = $2.99 clearance

Gum Soft Pick = b1g1 FREE = $6.79 for 2

RTD = $2

Used $3 ecb from last week = $33.13 (used 22.38 from a gift card I purchased at 70% of retail value), $6.92 from the money card I got from my return & $3.82 in cash (I promised the cashier if I had a return that I would return it to another register lol).

I got back $2 ecb from purchasing four Snickers eggs (i.e. $2 MM!!), $.99 ecb for buying jelley beans, $3 ecb for buying pepsi & $4 ecb for buying 2 colgate ($2 each).

The bertoli I bought goes towards a $3 ecb reward wyb $10 worth of products.  This particular store only had 2 sauces in stock, so I will have to find 4 at another store to complete my deal. After my $1.50/2 MQ, the total oop for 6 bottles of pasta sauce will be about $5.50.  Less than $1 each without even counting ecb.  I’d hop on that real quick.

Then I went to Walgreens & found some AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG clearance on hair color & olay body wash products!!!!

Oop = $7.40

First clearance find was the Clairol nice & Easy hair color on clearance for $2.74 each! I had two $3/1 MQ & four $2/1 MQ.  None of them would ring up on the register, and since nobody knows the coupon policies at their own stores, the manager took off $3 instead of price modifying it to $2.74.  Honestly, it’s the least he could have done when I tell you what he tried to say when I went to use my $10 RR at the end -_-;

Kotex tampons = 2/$7 – two $1/1 MQ = $5 oop

Tampax Radiant = 2x $3.99 each = $7.98 – $1/2 = $6.98 oop

This is my first transaction.  The cashier rang up all the MQ first, and when I tried to use the $10 RR I got from Coke a couple weeks ago, he said that the register would not take it because tax made the total $15.99 …. think about it. $15.99 is 5% of $320.  I know I am a good shopper, but there is no way I would be able to get a $320 total down to just tax.  He voided it out and re-rang everything, using the $10 RR first, and what do you know ??? I got a $5.99 total -_- Exactly what I should have gotten with the first transaction.  I got back two $1 RR from the Radiant tampons, & $3 RR from the Kotex tampons.

I went to another Wags to see if I could find more of the hair clearance, instead, I found the Olay body wash & soap deal.  They were on clearance for $2.29 … I had four $2/1 MQ, making them each $.29!  However, when I went to ring up the four items, I noticed they were ringing up b1g1 50% off!  AKA the second was $1.14.  I went to get four more items.  I then used the $2/1 MQ & $5 worth of RR (no fillers needed!) and paid $1.41 for all 8 items 🙂 Yay! Now I don’t have to worry about Walgreens ever again (or at least until they bring me in with another bangin RR deal).

So needless to say, after these past two-three weeks, I am set for at least a year in the tampons dept.

Last visit of the day was to Rite Aid.  I always teach these people a thing or two about their jobs when I visit.  I.e. that they can give rain checks, change printer requests, or price adjust items -_-


Oop = $8.76

BB Cream = $12.99 used $2/1 MQ = $10.99

Cleanser b1g1 50% off = $6.29 & $3.14 ; used $1/1 MQ = $5.29 & $2.14

Toothbrush = $3.49 used $3/1 RA Q & $1/1 MQ = MM because nobody listens to me about price adjusting!!

Again, the $.50 is the least they could do because the cashier got an attitude, told me to update my load2card status (which means whether the +up rewards are automatically loaded the the card or printed out on the receipt) online (even though you CAN’T!!).  I asked the manager to fix it, he didn’t know what to do, and after another 5mins of them messing with the computer, I told her to forget it, that I would call the number.  But then, oh wait, they found a whole entire BOOK about how to do exactly what I was asking them to do.  Freakin seriously? You don’t notice something as big a deal as a book?!

I used two $2 +up rewards from last week, and $1 was taken off (not sure why) because of my load2card feature (I guess it’s not all bs).  I ended up paying $8.76 & getting back $10 +up rewards for buying three garnier skin care items (which is SWEET considering the BB cream is $12.99 & I’ve been dying to try it!)


*******sign … I still need to go back to RA & get some Rembrandt toothpaste.  I would skip it if I hadn’t printed out three $2/1 MQ specifically for this deal & if it wasn’t my new favorite.  I’m going to go to my favorite RA near where I work.  They know their policies. *************


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