Posted by: Jillian | April 11, 2012

Easter week confusion

Thank goodness there were no coupons in this Sunday’s insert … I would be way too far behind to catch up.  So, this weeks deals are a tad weird because not all of them worked out like I expected, and I had to do some returns.  Also, I got tired of the bags sitting in my living room, so I put everything away, so no pix this week 😦 Promise I’ll do better next week!

These are some of the highlights of the week!!

At Rite Aid & CVS, the tampax Radiant tampons are on sale for $3.99, I used the $2/1 MQ inside of previously purchased boxes, paid $1.99 oop & got back $2 Rewards! 🙂  Good luck finding them at RA this week, though. I could only find ONE box in two stores.

Light bulbs at RA are on sale for $2.99 – $1/1 GE Light MQ = $1.99 oop, get back $1 +up reward.  I’m stocking up because I paid FULL FREAKIN PRICE for them when Zach let all three bulbs go out in his room -_- I also paid maintenance $2 per bulb to change the one in my living room …

I’ve been having trouble finding this one at RA, but the twin bic razors are on sale $2.99 – $2/1 MQ = $.99 each oop … get back $2 +up rewards = $1.01 MM I can’t find these, but I am going to go before work on Friday, which is my store’s truck day 😉

I skipped Wags this week … when I went, nothing was marked and I can’t bring myself to go back (nothing’s worth it this week!)  I’ve got a few grocery deals at Target this week, including $1.49 1.5 lb grape bags, $1.38 per bag of Homestyle Kraft Mac N Cheese (reg. $3.99) after $1/2 MQ &&& SUPER CHEAP Angel Soft 4 packs at Kroger after the $.45/1 MQ doubles to $.90 off the $1 price tag 😉

Sorry this is kind of boring, but I promise to add pix next week & show off my overstock voucher finds 🙂  I have a package in my apt. office (I think it’s for the Silk House Party I won!), so I will load those pix up, too!


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