Posted by: Jillian | May 3, 2012

May begins — whackness commence

So … the P&G Q’s this month are looking kind of whack.  Everything is low value, so it looks like I won’t be buying much of those items in May.  At least the weekends overlapped, which meant I was able to use some of the April P&G Q’s on this week’s ads 🙂 I bought my mom a mother’s day present at CVS & after a b1g1 Free Sale, combined with a $5 MQ (ex. 4/30), I was able to pay $25 for $50 worth of items. HOWEVER, I had some ECB I used, and spent $6.  The purchase also helped me reach the $5 beauty club reward, so I got $5 ecb back 🙂 I would post, but I don’t wanna ruin the surprise.

Oop = $17.34

I started with $6 +up rewards.

Transaction #1

2x Tampax Radiant $3.99 – $2 MQ = $1.99 oop each

4x L’eggs Socks b1g1 50% off @ 3.49 each ($1.74 for 2nd one) =  $5.23 for each set

4x Mike & Ike’s = $4 oop (fourth one not shown … guess why! lol)

Lysol Wipes 2/$5 – $1.50/2 RAQ – $1/2 MQ = $2.50 for both

Paid $16.21 … got back two $1 +up rewards for the Tampax, two $3 +up rewards for buying 2 L’eggs items, two $2 +up rewards for buying 2 Mike & Ike items

Transaction #2

2x Skinny Cow Candy – $1/1 MQ = $1.99 each oop

Used $3 +up from previous transaction = $1.13 for both. I also got back two $1 +up rewards.

****These transactions were done on two separate days because of Rite Aid’s policy on +up rewards.

The oop is rather high for these 2 transactions.

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