Posted by: Jillian | May 6, 2012

Awesome CVS deals & life changes! :)

Total oop = $9.25 (including 5 Coke 2-liters not shown!)

So, this weekend I discovered the Youtube blog Allthatglitters21 && I’m addicted to it. I’m in lazy mode, getting ready for next week/end and it’s craziness.  Starting a new job & Zach graduating from VCU all in the same 4 days = nutzoness, but I’m so excited!  Now if only Zachie could find a job in Richmond, our lives would fall into place (or at least give me a sense of falling into place).  Well, anyway, before I started my tangent, I was noticing all the negative comments on the Youtube blogger’s (her name’s Elle) feedback.  They kept saying that her “cheap drugstore finds” (like this Maybelline foundation above) were too expensive.  The ironic thing is … I’ve been using this  foundation for a while now, and I picked it up at Kroger on clearance for $2!!  I want to tell these people to turn the channel to a couponing video blog & learn how to get everything she’s talking about for 80% off!

Transaction #1 <– Starting with $5 ecb

Colgate Toothpaste = $2.99 – $1/1 MQ – $1/1 CVS Q = $.99 oop

Nivea x2 = $4.89 – 20% employee discount – $2/1 MQ = $1.91 each oop

Rimmell Lipstick = $5.29 – 20% employee discount – $1/1 MQ = $3.23 each oop

I used $5 ecb I had from my beauty club rewards (it adds up & counts BEFORE coupons!!)  & paid $6.98 oop! I got back a $2.49 ecb from Colgate, $3 ecb from Rimmell & $5 from Nivea 😀

Transaction #2 < — starting with $10.49 ecb from Transaction #1

Lady Speed Stick Deo = 2/$5 – $1/1 ANY DEO CVSQ – b1g1 Free MQ (which I think she took off $3.99?!?!  The regular price isn’t even $3.99 so I’m not sure where this came from but hey!) = $0.01 oop :D:D:D

Coke 2-Liters x5 = $.99 each oop (no coupons but this is my buy price for coke!)

Maybelline foundation = $12.49 each – 20% = $9.99 each oop

Belvita = $.99 each – $1/1 CVS Q = gave me a penny 😛

I kind of cheated (but didn’t) on this one — I used the remainder of a gift card I got from Olay for last month’s spend $50 get $15 back! I used $13.32 towards that & paid $2.27 in cash. But, like I’ve said, I only count “Out Of Pocket” expenses, which means money that comes OUT OF MY BANK ACCOUNT.  That money from the GC didn’t, so it’s not counted in my oop.  This helps me track my actual “spending” better.  If this money was in the form of a check I could deposit in my bank account, then I would count the $13 sum towards my OOP becase it’s COMING OUT OF MY BANK ACCOuNT <– see the trend? 🙂

I’m also really excited because watching those videos until the wee hours of the night inspired me to organize my stuff. I went out today and bought a 5-shelf  bookcase & office supplies for my makeup storage.  I am so excited about my makeup storage, that I might show you pictures of it, along with my stock pile.  Now that Zach is going to take over the couponing responsibilities (more on that later LOL), I have a feeling my “hoard” will be diminishing quicker.

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