Posted by: Jillian | May 6, 2012

Expensive CVS trip :\

Okay, so last night I was watching that Youtube blog I was telling you about yesterday.  Well, the girl commented that she was getting small white bumps under her eyes called “Milia” from using a product.  I have a white bump under my eye, too, and decided to look it up. Turns out, I have them, too, and they can be fixed! I thought it was something I had to deal with, so I hadn’t done any research into it.  So, because I’m crazy, I went out and bought a cream after doing hours of research into what products to use.  This is what I got, along with my coupon trip 🙂

Paid $29.10 oop (plus Richmond Times-Dispatch not shown)

Kraft Easy Mac 2/$6

Kotex $3.99 – $.25 MQ = $3.74 oop

Daisy Razors $2.69 each – $2/1 MQ = $$.69 each! I can submit this as part of the $10 gc wyb $50 deals! 🙂

Halle Fragrance = clearance for $6.74 – $5/1 CVS Q = $1.74 oop 🙂 Going in my bday present stash

Labels = Clearance $.74

Scotch Take = Clearance $1.19 – $.50 MQ = $.69 each! 🙂

Physicians Formula Sticks = $.99 each! (After the $5 off sale!) – $1/1 MQ = FREEBIES!!

Physicians Formula Eye Shadow = $2.49 – $1/1 MQ = $1.49 oop

RTD Newspaper = $2.00 NOT SHOWN

CVS Eye Lift Syrum – I got this because it has retinol in it, which is the ingredient the articles said to get – $16.99 – 30% = $11.89

Used $5 ecb from Saturday = $29.10 oop.

Got back $3 ecb from mac & cheese, and $3 ecb from Kotex.

I forgot to get 2 out of the 3 items I actually wrote on my list .. so I will be at CVS again this week (oh, wait … that’s right, I work there.)

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