Posted by: Jillian | May 6, 2012

Storage in a small apartment :)

Okay – so I went on a rant earlier about how excited I was for my new makeup storage & 5-shelf bookcase.  So, I went around my apartment & took a ton of pictures of places I store stuff (in a hurry because my battery was dying).  Here’s what I got 🙂

Bathroom makeup storage! So excited!

L-R : Lori Grenier Swirling makeup case (, the shelves are actually two separate things I stacked on top of each other from Office Max & the makeup brush holder is a pencil holder from the same place (b2g1 Free Sale!), and finally, an ebay purchase I just got in also from Lori Grenier (not sold on QVC anymore!).  I’m so excited for it because it twirls & has two separate sides to hold stuff.  I also put all my “kits” like Today special values, etc, in the drawers so I can pull out a whole “face” when I want. I know it doesn’t look like I wear a lot of makeup, but I guess that’s a good thing.  I like experimenting with stuff, but am a germaphobe & won’t try them in stores – so I wait until something is 70% off on QVC & get it hehe

Under sink storage! My best hiding place!

Under my sink is where I keep a lot of stuff now.  I just bought a ton of bins & organizing things from the dollar store & target dollar section, so this has been my project for a couple weeks.  I’ve got all my WEN backups (also TSV priced!) along with travel size items, toothbrushes (yes, that whole tub is toothbrushes & flossers!! No toothpaste, yet)  Along with my shower gels and my hair things. I save a tonnnn of space by only using WEN products.  I found that by using WEN, it may be more expensive, but I am saving space (because it replaces so many products!), time (no more detangler, deep conditioner, etc) and I have better results & better hair than I can ever remember.  I’m also a shower gel snob, so I don’t pick up shower gels from drug stores anymore unless it’s a really good deal (i.e. FREE), and usually when I do, I’ll donate it to friends/family.  There are also some soap items, extra philosophy items, etc in two shoe cases beneath the shower gels.

bathroom drawer storage! Taken over by deo & razors now!

So my bottom drawer has been taken over by deodorant this week since there were so many good deals at Target & CVS (see previous post about that deal that’s now expired! 😦 ) & I ended up getting 6 sticks for about $2 total.  Good thing my mom just texted me and replied she needed some for the summer months lol  You can’t see really well, but there is also a tub full of disposeable razors in the back.  I decided to take them out of the packaging to save space.  I can’t donate razors anywhere (I’m too worried about people’s safety – too many cop shows I guess), and people who ask for FREE stuff from me better not be picky!!  This also has some other items that are just randoms & embarassing (so thank goodness the deo hid everything LOL).

Under vanity storage!

This is messy now because I have some stuff that I have no idea where to put after my makeup organizing (i.e. those huge philosophy lotions!)  and the trash isn’t taken out (see the empty bottle of WEN in there?! 😦 sad)  This place is where I store all the toilet paper, as well as my hair tools and the bathroom cleaning supplies that I’m using at the moment.  Zach has a space like this in his bathroom & it’s filled with cleaning supplies, those kitchen soap dispensers that were $.88 at target last month, and paper towels/tissues.  If this was our actual apartment & we weren’t renting, I’d probably invest in some Velcro & cloth and create a cute curtain to hide all of this.  However, because we’re renting and I don’t want to clean up that mess when we leave, it looks like this. Also, that box keeps all of the “just in case” shampoos/conditioners & shower gels, so if I ever lose my job & can’t afford the finer things in life … I’m covered this way.  It also has some face washes since I’m now a brat & only use Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple.  I’m hoping to get my 2-tier plastic organizer back from Travis next weekend so this will look a little more put together than just having a CVS box haha

Where’d you think I kept all those tampons I kept posting about?! In my bathroom …. nawwwwwww

So this is my tampon drawer … yes … an entire drawer is dedicated to tampons in my apartment.  The sad thing is, this is not where the stash is contained … there’s more.  I use to keep my towels in here, but now I have that over toilet storage compartment & I love it 🙂 Yay daily website deals!

See … I told ya it wasn’t contained!

This use to house my TV, but since there is only one hookup in my apartment, I decided to donate the TV back to my mom’s house (she doesn’t know that, yet, because she can’t read her texts w/out her glasses.) I moved this into my closet to hold shoes (and tampons) lol The top shelf is one box deep, one high & the bottom shelf is two boxes deep, two high.

Wait … you actually thought I was done?

Yeah … still some more places to hold these things! I also have 10 boxes of hair dye that made me a quarter at Walgreens. I actually like the foam color, and might dye my hair as an impulse. I haven’t dyed my hair in a while but this is what I used last time, and I paid $5 for it … not anymore 🙂  S/N If you find cheap tampons, stock up on them. Maybe not like I did, but I have some high value coupons & get more every time I buy a box, so I keep recycling the $2/1 MQ inside.

*** Okay, that’s all for now.  You’ve seen my bathroom & room; the rest will come.  I know this may seem excessive to you, but I grew up on a teacher’s salary with child support from a cop. That should explain some of the reasons why I am the way I am. WE WERE BROKE.  My dad also never had toilet paper at his house, and I was definitely scarred by that, hence the enormous amounts of toilet paper always on hand.  When I use up a package, I buy 4 more.  Also, when I first started my period, I went to Walmart and saw how much tampons were … stupid expensive.  I was so pissed. That is money you are literally flushing down the toilet.  I’d rather spend my money on something that’ll make me pretty.  As for the other stuff I have enormous amounts of … just chalk it up to me liking to be able to help people and offer them things they might need.

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