Posted by: Jillian | May 10, 2012

CVS Deals :)

Okay — so I am a severe sucker for a really good deal on — well, just about anything — but especially 12-pack sodas. I know they’re not healthy, but if drinking soda is the worst thing I do to my body … :\

Anyway!  This week, in the newspaper ad for CVS (only available in Sunday’s paper I believe) there was a coupon for a $.99 12-pack coke w/ a $20 purchase! Yay!  This is if I spend $20 BEFORE using coupons, too 😉

This is what I got .. the cokes are not included (I got two – a vanilla coke & a regular one) because it’s raining & Zach is too lazy to bring them up.

Oop = $17.75

So, I am going to have to admit a couple of mistakes right off the bat: I should have done these two transactions in reverse order. I wasn’t thinking 😦 Boo.

Also, the oop is higher because apparently you cannot combine rain checks with current sales? So the Pizza is $5.49 on sale this week, I had a raincheck for b1g1 FREE, which I thought would make them $5.49 for two? Nope.  They ended up only being $6.39 for 2 (regular priced b1g1), so not that big of a deal, but still more $$

Also, the Physicians Formula is such a good deal this week! I was planning on getting more eye shadow colors since they’re $1.49 when it’s all said and done, but they only have one quad set (go figure!) so I got two more expensive items, which made the oop higher.  I hope I’ll like these items, and they’re still better than 60% off!

ALSO, finally, the $1.99 Cottonnelle ecb deal is NOT rolling — that means you cannot use a $1.99 Cottonnelle ecb deal in another transactions with a cottonnelle roll cover & expect to get another $1.99 ecb back.  It sucks, but they’re still cheap storage and I’m sure I’ll end up using them in more creative ways later. I’m trying to collect similar colors to what I have in my bathroom already so they “go” with the decor. We’ll see.

Transaction #1 – Started with $11 ecb

Nestlee Drumstick $3- $1 MQ = $2 oop 🙂 yay treats

Digorno Pizza – Price Modified to $3.19/$3.20 for the b1g1 FREE Raincheck

Good ‘n’ Natural $.99 – FREE MQ = FREE 🙂

Physicians Formular Concealer $3.99 (after $5 off sale) – $1/1 MQ = $2.99 for $8.99 concealer 😉

Cottonnelle Roll $1.99 – 20% = $1.59 (nice! These are MM for me!)

Coke w/coupon = $.99

After the ecb, I paid $3.34 oop & got a $1.99 ecb from the cottonnelle roll cover 🙂

Transaction #2

Three Muskateers Bar = $.75

Children’s Allegra = $9.99 – $5MQ = $4.99 oop

BIC Soliel = $6.99 – $3/1 MQ = $3.99 oop

Nail polish (which sucks but I think that’s because I am girly challenged) $.99 each (impulse buy lol)

Good ‘n’ Natural Bar $.99 – FREE MQ = FREE 🙂

Physicians Formular Bright & Neutral = $3.99 – $1/1 MQ = $2.99 oop for an $8.99 product

After the $1.99 ecb from Trans #1, I paid $14.41 oop.  I got back a $5 ecb from the Allegra, $.75 ecb from the Mars & $2 from the Bic Razor (<– this is why I should have switched them. I didn’t get a lot of ecb from Trans #1 to use on Trans #2 – if I had switched them, my oop would have been a lot less this round!)

Anywho, I guess I’ll have a lot of ecb to work with next week, even though it’s looking like a RITE AID week next week 😀 I’m so excited for all the makeup deals they’re having.  I’m also thinking about expanding into making videos instead of JUST writing blogs.  Of course, I’ll keep the blog (I am a PRINT journalism major, afterall) but I want to keep learning and keep up with changing technology.  I might not start that right away since I’m not sure even what I’ll be doing next Monday, and because my recent attempt at video making (i.e. Senior Sendoff video) was a total fail, I will need to do more research into that.  Until then, any suggestions on what I should call the channel?! 🙂

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