Posted by: Jillian | May 28, 2012

Sorry I’ve been so MIA!!

Okay, so as some of you (my loyal stalkers) have mentioned that I haven’t updated this blog in awhile.  Well, it’s kind of hard to do so when you work 11 hour long days and when you wake up at 7 and go to sleep at 10 because you are granny status.  I apologize, and I cannot guarantee that it won’t happen again.  Well, I tried to do a video a couple weeks back, but it was a total fail. I have since then stolen my mom’s camcorder (it was a lot easier to convince her to let me have it when I explained that I could make money from Youtube videos lol) but I haven’t got the guts to do it, yet.  Until then, I am going to continue to write everything out with pictures, etc.


Well, I skipped last week, but let me tell you some of the stuff I got!  I got the L’Oreal Souffle (in the cube with pink top) and I LOVE it. Who would have thought that I was the 2nd lightest shade (as compared to the lightest) though?!  I feel so TAN! 🙂  I also got the primer, and I can already tell that I’m not going to use it often. It doesn’t go a very good job at spreading out.  I am addicted to the Hard Candy Sheer Envy primer, though. It’s my new favorite!  That deal was b1g1 50% off, I had two $2/1 MQ’s, and you got a $10 gas card wys $30 in select items. I picked up some popcorn, too, and ended up getting a relatively good deal on the products.


Anyway, this week I do have pictures to show you, but mostly they are makeup items.  I’ve stopped buying other things since I plan on moving into a smaller apt this summer, and it’s just more things I’ll need to pack and move (even though we’re planning on staying in the same building! LOL)  However, I can’t help myself with free tampons!

Spent $7.87 oop

I started out with $8 in +up rewards, so that helped a lot.  I also had a 10% off coupon which made the cosmetics cheaper since those weren’t “on sale” but they were part of a +up rewards deal 🙂 Kind of like my employee discount at CVS, but my discount is way better!

Anywayyyyyy, my transaction:

Maybelline Eyeliner: $6.83 (after 10%) – $1/1 MQ = $5.83 oop

Maybelline Eye Shadow: $6.02 (after 10%) – $1/1 MQ = $5.02 oop

Tampax : $3.99 on sale – $2/1 MQ = $1.99 oop each

after the $8 in +up rewards, I spent $7.87 oop total. I then got back two $2 +up rewards from the Tampax & a $4 +up rewards for spending $12 in Maybelline eye & lip products.



My next transaction is from CVS — which my iPhone likes to autocorrect to CBS & it annoys the crap out of me!  Does anybody know how to fix that?  I’m newb status.

I split this into two separate transactions, but of course, I didn’t need to. I will explain soon.

paid $20.60 oop


Physicians Formula skincare – rang up on clearance for $5.25

I used $5 ecb + paid $.26 oop from a money card.  I separated this because I thought it was going to be regular price at $20.99 (minus 20% employee discount) and then I’d get $15 ecb back to use on my 2nd transaction.  The $15 ecb didn’t print, but I don’t mind because I’d rather pay less oop up front. However, I will go to another CVS at work this week and pick up this deal for my mom since she is looking for an anti-aging moisturizer with SPF and there was one just like what she was looking for.  I just have to make suMilkre it’s not on clearance 😉


Milky way $.75 each – $.75/2 MQ = $.75 oop

Colgate toothbrush = $2.99 – $1/1 CVS Q from the red machine = $1.99 oop

Crest Rinse $4.19 – 20% employee discount- $1/1 CVS Q from red machine = $2.35 oop

L’Oreal Lip Balm = $8.39 each – 20% – $2/1 MQ = $4.71 oop each 😉

Revlon Eyebrow Pencil = $10.49 – 20% = $8.39 oop (I used all the $2/1 MQ’s at RA the other week to get free/nearly free clearance items!)

Wet & Wild Blush in Pearlescent Pink (dupe for Tarte’s Peaceful) = $2.99 – 20% = $2.39 (I used all my MQ’s to get W&W eyeshadows at RA last week!)

After the $6 ecb I had, I paid $20.34 oop. I got back $.75 from Milky way, $2 from colgate, $3 from Crest, $5 from L’Oreal & $4 from Revlon.  Hopefully I can use these ecb towards another physicians formula item and get $15 ecb. I also want to check out the limit on the Revlon ecb deal, because I want to try their new eyeshadow duo stick.

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