Posted by: Jillian | November 17, 2012

Exploring RVA: Grouponing through Froyo

I feel like last year the craze was Cupcakes, and now we’ve decided to all jump on the Frozen “Froyo” Yogurt bandwagon.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a frequent commuter on that train.  Most of my exposure has been from Groupon or Living Social daily deals.  Actually, the only one I’ve heard about due to word of mouth is Sweet Frog, which surprisingly, didn’t leave a lasting impression…

1. Sweet Frog (Cary Town Location) The “original” froyo that everyone knows. Crowded, but decent selection and very easy on beginners. The flavors are pretty blan, though, and are missing that “wow” factor.  I think the large reason this is popular is because it’s kind of made itself into a chain.  Kind of like the Ben & Jerry’s of Froyo when in reality we all know that Carl’s is where it’s really at.

2. Yapple (Cary Street) – When we went it was dead. Nobody was there!  The light show above was pretty legit, and the selection was original. I tried Pumpkin Pie (yeah, I went out on a limb for the Holiday’s sake) and it tasked like a pumpkin pie. Weird.  They had a lot of the “fish egg” balls that I like popping so much, though!  BUT they were kid of expensive (we went during “Yapple Hour” so it was b1g1 50% off and got a normal portion for us, and it was still $9.50)

3. Yogurt Express (Across the Street from TJ Maxx on Broad St.) – Best customer service, by far!  That lady seemed to actually enjoy being there and talked to us.  There wasn’t a great selection and the toppings were minimal, but this place changed Zach’s mind about Frozen Yogurt from negative (he didn’t like Sweet Frog) to positive! 

4. Zinga! (Willow Lawn) – Lana liked it 🙂 It had by far the most unique take on Froyo – giving it a similar identity to Ice Cream (they had waffle cones – no joke!)  They had a lot of flavors, and they were true to name.  The building is kind of all-over-the-place though and if I didn’t know how to “do froyo” I would have been confused as hell.  Good thing the manager was there and we went at a not-busy time, so he could answer questions as needed.


Honestly, the worst one I’ve been to is Sweet Frog & the best one (so far) has been Yapple … which is RIGHT. NEXT. DOOR. Seriously? These people were either buying online from out of state or have some huge … “parts.”  I’ve already purchased another Yapple Groupon & will continue to keep an eye out 😉


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