Posted by: Jillian | May 26, 2014

Spring VoxBox

Yay! I love getting VoxBoxes from Influenster!  

In this box, I got a ton of goodies 🙂  First, there were the Kiss Everlasting French nails — I am trying them out now.  We’ll see if they last until Amanda’s wedding as the true test 😉  First full week of my new job + the wedding = ?!  I cannot wait to try this mascara from Rimmel London … I’ve seen it advertised around, but have never really been intrigued or impressed by RImmel, so we’ll see!  I did try the Nivea Skinfirming lotion, and it was actually very nice … not sure about the “Firming” quality though lol  Who doesn’t need tampons, though #yes!  I like the balanced kind … tmi, but whatever.  The air freshener … not so fresh… ugh. It smells like fake, plastic apples.  I’ll still give it a shot in the car, but I don’t have much hope … 

Thank you #influenster for the #springvoxbox … Can't wait to y

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