Posted by: Jillian | January 20, 2015

Covergirl Influenster Voxbox

I love getting new and FREE items in the mail! Influenster is a great way to do just that … just post some pictures on facebook, instagram, twitter and/or blog on their products and they could be yours 🙂 I just recently got a covergirl Bloom mascara in my vox box this go around … I’m facing a dilemma because I now have my own Mary Kay business – but why not still check out the competition?

Well – looks like Mary Kay will be alright after all 😉 This is an alright mascara for the price, but I doubt I would repurchase this if I was in the market for a mascara. In a pinch, I could make this work but not for my “go-to”.  Unfortunately, this seems to be the trend with a lot of covergirl mascaras … I haven’t been able to find one that works for me. I tended to stick to Maybelline/L’Oreal while I was still drug store shopping.  No more though – #wentpink


Influenster VoxBox Covergirl


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