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Couponing started out as a hobby and a way for me to save a couple bucks.  It is now a way of life and how I’ve managed to be comfortable with a less-than-acceptable pay rate for the past year.  I just got a new job that I am so excited to start, and I really hope it will still give me the freedom to do the couponing things I love doing (this is currently my favorite hobby & cheapest haha).  I’ve been out on my own for a year now, and so far, I’m still alive even though I am far from a domestic goddess.   I bring home the (60% off) bacon, and Zach fries it up (and sets off the fire alarms in the process).

I started couponing my sophomore year of college after I started to feel guilty about stealing my mom’s shampoo/conditioner.  I saw how much the necessities (like toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo/conditioner, even toilet paper) cost & it made me feel sick to my stomach! It was such a waste of money!  When I started working for CVS, I began to pay attention to the ads more.  I noticed there was a deal that had Colgate toothpaste on sale for $2.99 + a $2 ecb reward that would print out after. I had a $1/1 MQ in my coupon folder.  That day, it all clicked.  Forget spending money on toothpaste, I was gonna get this jank for free.  At first, my stockpile was 3 tubes of toothpaste and 2 boxes of tampons. As you can see, that is not the case at all anymore.  I could probably go 6-8 months off of the things I have in my health & beauty stockpile now.  Many people call that hoarding; I call it smart.  Go ahead, spend $4 on toothpaste, I won’t judge you (okay, I will … harshly!) but you’re crazy. Spend that $4 on a Starbucks coffee. Priorities, people!

This blog’s purpose is to pretty much document all my bomb-ass sales, and track my spending in 2012.  It’s also a short guide into how my mind works when I coupon.  Many of you will get it, and most of you will be so FREAKIN’ lost you’ll want to scream  & click exit. Trust me, all of the time, effort and dedication I have pays off in the end. I can give so much away and provide for anybody in my life that has any kind of problems (financial, time, etc).  It feels AMAZING when I bring a big bag of things to my mom’s to give and my brothers look at me like I am  (a very sexy version of) Santa.

P.S. I in NOOOOO WAYYYY do all this all by myself!  I have lots of help from blogs I check out regularly!  Remember when I mentioned the word “dedication”?  Yeah, I check out four sites on a regular basis: , , & Hope this helps! It really has helped me!

Disclaimer: I am not the coupon guru … to some people, I am, to others, I am a mere nOOb.  There are people who have been doing this for a shorter time than I have and they spend less oop that I do.  There are people who I personally taught how to coupon or introduced the concept to (or highly encouraged after watching Extreme Couponing) and have now surpassed my abilities.  There’s definitely a learning curve involved, but don’t give up!


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